How to tell what version of Solaris you're running

If a search engine brought you to this page: Recently some search engines have been bringing people to this page when they've searched for something like "solaris performance". If you're one of those people, we may be able to help you and you'll want to start on the home page or the SarCheck for or Solaris SPARC page. Look around and see if we can help.

If a search engine brought you here because you here because you're searching for the best way to find the version of Solaris that you're running, you're in the right place.

To see what Solaris version is running on your system: Run the command showrev. There's a man page on showrev and there are switches to help you do whatever you're trying to do. You could also run uname, but it's a bit confusing and not as complete. If you're not into Solaris, it's easy to get confused by the fact that (for example) there's more than one version of Solaris 8, and it's also called Solaris 5.8 and even SunOS 5.8. We think showrev is easiest.

As long as you're here, feel free to take a look at SarCheck, a performance analysis and tuning tool for Solaris SPARC, for other popular flavors of UNIX, and for Linux.

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