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The sarcheck_parms file

The sarcheck_parms file is used to modify SarCheck's default behavior and algorithms. This file does not get shipped with SarCheck because we believe that in most cases the default behavior is correct, and because version updates are overlays. We don't want to overlay any changes that you've made to SarCheck's default behavior and algorithms when we send you an update.

Records in the sarcheck_parms file consist of a keyword which is usually followed by a value. Anything after the value is ignored, so it's easy to add comments. Here is an example of a sarcheck_parms file:

	# file to customize sarcheck created by 
	# Jess the sys admin on March 23, 2004
	ST 06:00   starting time is 6AM
	EN 15:00   ending time is 3PM
	OPT p      suppress page numbering
	TABULAR y  add a tabular summary 

In this file, the starting and ending times used by the sarcheck script when analyzing sar data files are changed so that resource utilization from 6:00AM until 3:00PM is analyzed, page numbering is suppressed, and a table which summarizes resource utilization will appear at the end of the report.

The location of the sarcheck_parms file depends on the operating system. On Solaris and Linux systems, SarCheck will look for the file in the /opt/sarcheck/etc directory. On HP-UX and AIX, SarCheck Versions 4 and 5 will look in the /usr/local/etc/directory and SarCheck Version 6 and up will look in the /opt/sarcheck/etc/directory. A list of parameters which can be overridden can be found in the manual (either HTML or paper) which was shipped with SarCheck.

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