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We don't use cookies or web bugs on this site and we generally don't know who you are. Unless you're filling out a form or making a suggestion, we only collect the information in web server's access logs. We use that information to improve navigation around the site by seeing how people get from one page to another, and we look for trends in the products that people are interested in. Exceptions to this are that we use Google Analytics to track how the web site behaves, and our ISP may use cookies for their own purposes.

When we want information about you, we will ask you for it. Here is an very old example of the kind of information in our access logs, and in this case a search engine is apparently indexing our SarCheck for Solaris SPARC page. - - [09/Apr/1999:09:25:08 -0400] "GET /scsol.htm HTTP/1.0" 200 5746

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