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If you are requesting SarCheck for a Solaris system using zones, would you also like to try ZoneHound?

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Please note:
SarCheck runs on AIX 5.2+, Solaris 8+, HP-UX 11.0+, and 32-bit Linux 2.6 kernels.

We do not provide Solaris SPARC 32-bit, Solaris x86, or Linux eval software with this form. If you are an existing customer who would like any of these, please contact your sales rep.

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This software will be sent as an email attachment with a size of approximately one megabyte. The expiration date is hard-coded in the software, so please don't ask for the eval software unless you will have the time to try it, and be sure to install SarCheck as soon as it arrives so that you have enough time to experiment with it. If you or someone else from your company has recently tried a SarCheck eval and ignored our followup inquiries, we may not process your request. Please reply when we check in with you.

Due to the number of frivolous eval requests we receive, we are likely to ignore your request if you use a hotmail, yahoo, gmail, rediff, or other free email address. We do not ship Liniux eval software using this form for the same reason. Please use your company email address or give us the URL of your company's web site. Don't worry, we won't spam you.

Most UNIX operating systems do not have sar enabled as a default. If you set up sar for data collection when you order the eval copy, you'll have several days of data to analyze when it arrives. After you have submitted this form, a link about setting up sar will appear.

Please don't press the "Order" button repeatedly! Eval requests are processed manually during business hours to comply with US export regulations. We can not send the eval software until a human being checks the order. If this form seems to hang for longer than 10 or 20 seconds, please email us at and send us the information that we need.

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