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Lead Times for Customer Shipments

Software typically ships by email within 2 days, and we're usually much faster. Note that the usual cause of delays is an incomplete order form, so please fill out all of the required fields when you order an evaluation copy of SarCheck. If you simply forget one or two fields, we'll email you for more information. If all you tell us is that your name is Paolo, you have a hotmail email address, and your telephone number is 1111111, your request will be redirected to /dev/null.

Why does it take up to 2 days to ship software? Obviously it's not a technical thing. The problem is that by law we have to know something about the company or person requesting the software. That's why the order form includes questions about what type of business you work for and what the URL is. That way, we can know enough about your business to be legal.

Snail mail shipments will take longer. If you would like us to use Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc., please provide your account number. If the software does not arrive when it should, please contact us. Due to time zone differences, sometimes email is the best way to reach us.

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