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Sarcheck Pricing for HP-UX 11.x

Pricing for SarCheck varies based on a number of factors including the quantity and type of systems, so we encourage you to contact us for a price quote. Here is a pricing example so that you can see how affordable SarCheck really is. This example uses a sample configuration and your price will be different depending on the systems you want to enhance with SarCheck.

Sample configuration:

  • One SuperDome with 24 CPUs
  • Two N4000s with 8 CPUs
  • Two K200s with 2 CPUs
  • Three rp5400s with 1 CPU

Total SarCheck cost - US $7,425.00

This price includes:

  • Licenses
  • Media
  • Documentation
  • Shipping
  • Version upgrades for one year
  • Support for one year

One factor used to determine pricing has traditionally been the number of processors. Now that multi-core CPUs have become commonplace, it is necessary to define the way that we count processors. We use the number of "processor context instances" found in the psd_proc_cnt field of the pst_dynamic struct declared in the header file <sys/pstat.h>. More information can be found in the man page for pstat and until things get even more complicated, this field seems to be equal to the system-wide number of cores.

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