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Bill Hassell's GNUplot Installation Instructions

- Create a gnuplot directory in /tmp or /var/tmp. Download GNUplot_HP.tar into the new directory, then run tar tvf on the package to view the contents (essentially a verification test): tar tvf GNUplot_HP.tar

- Unload the files using: tar xvf GNUplot_HP.tar List the contents to see that the RTR file exists along others.

- Run RTR to unpack using: ./RTR

For a minimum install and easy-to-remove process, use these answers to questions:

Install gnuplot [y]? y
Install package at dir [/usr/local]? /opt/gnuplot
Install shared files at [/opt/gnuplot/share]? <press RETURN for default>
Convert slib->lib, sbin->bin, sspool->spool, sinclude->include [y]? y
Install Shared files (All, Some, None) [s]? s
Install Unformatted Man pages (Approx 9Kb) [y]? n
Install Formatted Man pages (Approx 10Kb) [y]? n
Install PostScript Format Documentation (Approx 1.0Mb) [y]? n
Install DVI Format Documentation (Approx 678Kb) [y]? n
Install examples/templates/extra info (Approx 315Kb) [y]? n

About To Install: gnuplot at /opt/gnuplot with shareable files at /opt/gnuplot/share slib->lib, sbin->bin, sspool->spool, sinclude->include

Are these correct [y]? y
Notes (file, print, view, done) [view]? done
Install doc [y]? n

- Installation is complete. All files are stored in /opt/gnuplot and takes
about 6.6 megs of space. Removal is simply a matter of removing
/opt/gnuplot and all files and subdirectories underneath.

- There are 2 choices for the /opt location:

1. Tell SarCheck where gnuplot is located using:
export GNUPLOTDIR=/opt/gnuplot/bin

2. Create a symbolic link:
ln -s /opt/gnuplot/bin/gnuplot /usr/local/bin/gnuplot

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