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Here is what we need to send you a FREE eval copy of SarCheck. Some of this may seem basic, but these fields mean different things to people in other countries. For example, a number of people in Europe have put the word "Mr." in the "Title" field, rather than the job description that we were expecting.

Name (required): We can't send you software unless we have your name. It should be complete enough for us to use it on the mailing label.

Job Title: Examples would be "IS Director" or "System Administrator".

Company Name (required): Our company name is "Aptitune Corporation" We need your company name for the mailing label. Your company's name is also embedded in the eval software we send.

Type of Business (required): U.S. laws require exporters to know something about the recipient, and we are considered to be exporters whenever we send evaluation software outside the U.S. We are also curious because we are trying to understand if our software is more useful to companies in specific industries. We think that we can do a better job if we understand our customers better, and we hope that the answers to this question will help us.

Address (required), City (required), State/Province, Zip/Post Code: Please enter an address that we can use for a mailing label. Include street address, city, post code or zip code, and whatever else may be necessary. We need your address even if you want the software sent by email.

Country: If you are requesting an eval copy from outside the U.S., please don't forget to tell us what country to send it to. If you want to know how long it will take for the evaluation software to reach you, please visit our lead time page.

Phone number (required): Please tell us what your phone number is, and please use city codes and country codes whenever possible. We won't bother you, but we will want to know what you think of our software.

Fax/cell number (required): This gives us another way to reach you, but please remember that we don't want to bother you.

Email address (required): Please fill this out with the email address you would like us to use. Many people have more than one email address and this will make it easier for us to reach you. We do not give out email adresses and will not contribute to the spam problem. Of course we will want to know what you think of our software and this is how we will ask.

What operating system? (required) Please tell us which operating system you will be using to try the SarCheck eval. If you have more than one operating system, please pick just one. We have found that people with multiple operating systems rarely have time to test multiple versions of SarCheck. Try it on one operating system. If you like SarCheck enough to license it, you can always try it on another operating system later. SarCheck runs on most Solaris SPARC, AIX , Linux, and HP-UX systems. We only Solaris SPARC 32-bit, Solaris x86, Solaris x64, and Linux eval copies to existing customers.

Exactly what version? Please tell us exactly which version of UNIX you are running. Examples are Solaris SPARC 11, AIX, or HP-UX 11.23.

Where did you hear about SarCheck? We use this information to understand how to spend our marketing dollars. SarCheck is an inexpensive tool (pricing info is included in the eval package), and we try to keep costs down by advertising only in places where it makes sense. If you used a search engine to find SarCheck, please tell us what keywords you used.

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