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Note: SarCheck has been sunsetted. Thanks to everyone for their support over the last 20+ years!

Why Choose SarCheck?
Here are 50 reasons why our customers say they chose SarCheck:

  1. "SarCheck reduces bottlenecks and down times"
  2. "SarCheck identifies, troubleshoots, and resolves performance issues"
  3. "Affordable performance monitoring and easy to read reports"
  4. "SarCheck improves the efficiency of our servers"
  5. "SarCheck keeps our systems running at peak performance"
  6. "Price, ease of use, and SarCheck’s ability to display performance metrics with comment in an easy to understand format"
  7. "SarCheck automatically provides usable information distilled from a number of sources that can be hard to decipher on your own"
  8. "Easy access to helpful/valuable information…saves us time parsing through log files"
  9. "SarCheck monitors short term performance and long term capacity planning"
  10. "SarCheck is easy to use and has proven itself as a reliable source to us for performance improvements"
  11. "SarCheck is the only solution that makes recommendations on monitored output"
  12. "To optimize resource use on older hardware"
  13. "SarCheck aids in tuning our servers, to get the most out of our hardware investment"
  14. "SarCheck is a good early warning system that tells us if something may go wrong, especially after change to applications"
  15. "SarCheck makes recommendations to the kernel, disk and memory load"
  16. "SarCheck provides a secondary verification of performance settings"
  17. "SarCheck is a cost-effective analytical tool"
  18. "SarCheck helped us justify a systems upgrade"
  19. "SarCheck has a much shorter learning curve than competitive alternatives"
  20. "To proactively analyze system performance and capacity"
  21. "SarCheck is easy to use and provides a great snapshot of activity on our servers"
  22. "To spot performance bottlenecks and capacity planning"
  23. "To maintain a well-performing platform for our users and applications"
  24. "Disk optimization and identification of CPU or IO bottlenecks"
  25. "SarCheck shows us graphically what impact system utilization has on the production server at various times of the day"
  26. "To manage the performance of our main message switches"
  27. "Ease of use and clear reporting"
  28. "It allows us to determine accordingly if current resources are adequate for the task. We can tune/upgrade based on this information."
  29. "Easy to read graphs make it very easy to use and interpret"
  30. "Easy-to-interpret reporting"
  31. "SarCheck provides fast and easy-to-read reports on performance"
  32. "I run SarCheck on an hourly basis and then publish the results to our Intranet. Anyone can then view the report."
  33. "We are an IT integrator company, so we sell SarCheck as part of a complete system administrator package"
  34. "Ease of use"
  35. "Analyze performance and solve problems"
  36. "SarCheck simply provides valuable information"
  37. "The outputs from the graphs can show lay users how well our servers are performing"
  38. "SarCheck checks and improves system performance"
  39. "SarCheck gives me a human-readable evaluation of server performance"
  40. "SarCheck identifies bottlenecks in system performance"
  41. "To fine tune our servers"
  42. "Cost-effective"
  43. "SarCheck provides us with knowledge of the health and capacity of our customer-facing production web application servers"
  44. "Provides easier visibility to performance information"
  45. "To investigate performance issues"
  46. "I have found no other commercial alternatives that do what SarCheck does"
  47. "SarCheck provides easier visibility to performance information"
  48. "To get the maximium performance out of the servers and troubleshoot system problems"
  49. "To improve performance tuning of the system environment"
  50. "SarCheck is a tool that doesn’t just give data, but analyzes the data; this is helpful to verify our own analysis"



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